Unify and Display NMS Equipment using ConnectMaster

Unify and Display NMS Equipment using ConnectMaster

Network Management Systems (NMS) provide an easy way to manage network equipment from a central location. An NMS is an application that monitors and talks to network components (also known as network elements) that relays management and control information. This lets network engineers monitor, configure, modify, and manage software and hardware components in a network. When a new device is connected then the NMS recognizes it so that it can be configured and added to the network. The reverse is true when a device is disconnected (and removed) from the network.

Each NMS is vendor specific and has its own administration application. When a fiber network company has lots of network elements and devices from multiple vendors then its challenging to have a central and overall network view of things like:

  • where the equipment is located
  • network performance (current and historic)
  • individual devices and connections
  • inter-device connectivity
  • faulty equipment
  • available bandwidth
  • knowing where to activate specific ports
  • equipment status
  • etc

The real-time configuration, modification and management of the network elements and components is only possible by using each vendors specific NMS administrative application.

The Data Synchronization Engine (DSE) brings together and displays the documentation of the network elements, devices and services (i.e., physical and logical inventory) from one or multiple Network Management System(s) into ConnectMaster. The synchronization can either be scheduled or manually triggered.

This results in a central and complete vertical view in ConnectMaster of where the equipment is located, the equipment status (live, reserved, planned, decommissioned etc), available port and point capacity, utilization, logical service configuration etc so that network engineers can centrally monitor and analyze the NMS universe.

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