The ConnectMaster Planning and Change Management Module


The ConnectMaster Planning and Change Management Module

ConnectMaster enables Network Planners to leverage network data and design automation to quickly complete feasibility studies and build your business case for network expansion. The solution automatically generates proposed fiber routes, estimates costs, and enables Network Planners to identify prospective customers for your next FTTx build – whether you are expanding to a new neighborhood or building a new network.

One of the problems that many fiber telecommunications are faced with is the manual management and approval of the various designs or planned / proposed network alteration life cycle which are often handled by PDF print-outs, Excel Spreadsheets, and e-mail dissemination containing multiple attachments of the proposed design etc all of  which often require manual signature for approvals.

The ConnectMaster “Planning & Change Management” module addresses this challenge by enabling fiber telecommunication companies to automatically manage the end-to-end lifecycle of the network expansion or network alteration projects using customised and configurable workflows, inclusive of notifications to the various planners or managers for approval or other required action (as appropriate to the configurable workflow).

An example of the configurable workflow steps could be:

Step1: Creation of a plan or proposed network change by the Network Planner

Step 2: Submit the design or proposed network change for managerial authorisation (e.g. acceptance or rejection) by the Manager / Approver

Step 3: Proceed To implementation

Step 4: Proceed to as-built

Step 5: Approve the digital twin in the design or change as relative to the as-built.

Step 5: Marry (or merge) the network design or network change into the operational / live network.

The workflow is  controlled by the help of the “Network Planning and Change Management Module” wizard in ConnectMaster by using easily configuring workflow steps and transitions for a design or network change project.

For example, a network expansion plan may need authorization from a different managerial team in comparison to the authorization required for a planned or scheduled network change – and so on. During the design of the various project workflow steps, either user groups or individual users may be assigned to the workflow step in accordance with your bespoke business workflow and requirements.

The planning of network alteration extensions and expansion are designed and planned for in a separation from the operational or live network using this module. This means that managers know about and approve any planned network alteration before it reflects in operational / live network digital twin network in ConnectMaster.



8 Features of Planning Projects using the “Planning and Design Module” include:

  1. Network planning is based on – but logically separated- from the operational / live network
  2. Multiple planning scenarios can be created for a network design or planned network changes
  3. Authorization Stages and transitions for Planning and Operation are fully integrated with messaging and documentation adornment capability
  4. Change Management Workflow
  5. Planning Workflow with Progress Status is fully integrated with the Project Module
  6. Individual user rights per status
  7. Notification of status attainment
  8. Change workflow and management for transferring the planned change into network


6 Advantages of the “Planning and Design Module” include:

  1. Optimization of the planning workflow
  2. Optimization of the change workflow
  3. Enabling of planning in multiple scenarios with a managerial view and control over the planning activity (either for network rollout of network changes)
  4. Isolation of planned changes with managerial authorisation in relation to the operational or live network ensures data consistency, quality and accuracy
  5. Optimization of the Change Management process
  6. Reduction of Capex and Opex for network projects.
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