ST Group Joins the Mapidea Partner Program

Johannesburg, South Africa – March 1st , 2023.

Spatial Technologies has been appointed as the South African distributor of Mapidea. This partnership gives Spatial Technologies’s customers the ability to unlock the power of location and geospatial data and brings the Mapidea Platform to South Africa.

Spatial Technologies is pleased to announce our brand new partnership with Mapidea, to leverage the power of GIS to companies across the African continent. With Mapidea in our portfolio, Spatial Technologies can offer a simple GIS tool that will data to be aggregated and analysed in one place with no extra expertise required.

Spatial Technologies has been at the forefront of the GIS and Location Intelligence market since 1994, helping organizations in South Africa and the rest of the African continent to respond to the “What” and “Where” questions pivotal to business success. The group has successfully deployed multiple brands and solutions in the Telecommunications, Financial Services, Retail, Insurance, Market Research, Public Sector, and other industries throughout the continent.

Now, at the significant milestone of the democratization of GIS, Spatial Technologies is offering Location Intelligence Online, a Mapidea Enterprise Solutions, granting access to everyone. Mapidea has developed easy-to-use location analytics software with simple yet powerful data integration capabilities. “At Mapidea, we believe that Geography plays a vital role in helping organizations to make better decisions. That is why we are at the forefront of simplification, enabling everyone in a company to use spatial analytics to tackle their challenges.”, says Miguel Marques, CEO at Mapidea. “We’re pleased to welcome Spatial Technologies into our Partner Program and are excited by the joint value that Mapidea and Spatial Technologies will bring to clients in Africa.”

“With the move to the use of the web for Location Intelligence tools, this collaboration with MapIdea for the delivery of a simple easy-to-use way for users to benefit from GIS, Spatial Technologies looks forward to broadening the benefit that clients will derive” says Alan Ellis, CEO at Spatial Technologies.

About Spatial Technologies

Founded in 1994, Spatial Technologies strives to be the group of choice for providing Location Intelligence and Network Asset Management solutions in Africa. The group successfully deploys solutions in the Telecommunications, Financial Services, Retail, Insurance, Market Research, Public Sector and other industries throughout the continent.
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About Mapidea

Mapidea was founded in 2014 and built on the vision that Geography should be a common tool for every user in every organization. Mapidea is a Portuguese company with a global footprint. With a team working for more than 20 years in Geography and Business Intelligence, they have created a solution that enables corporations to use Location Analytics in their everyday analysis and decision-making processes. They have clients across four continents, in the Pharmaceutical, Retail and Telecommunications industries to name a few.
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