design, document and manage telecommunications networks

ConnectMaster is a fiber planning solution that supports telecommunications companies to cost effectively design, document and manage their networks. ConnectMaster improves efficiency and quality of network design and operations processes by providing all relevant data in one central repository.

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ConnectMaster streamlines the design, documentation, management and construction of telecommunications fiber networks. The solution supports operations with detailed views of physical and logical network services.

The software solution suite is comprised of modules that optimize the operational management, planning, design and roll-out of a telecommunications fiber optic network.

Some of the key benefits of deploying the ConnectMaster solution includes:

  • ConnectMaster improves efficiency and quality of network design and operations processes by providing all relevant data in one central repository.
  • Network design automation increases resource efficiency.
  • Increased network utilisation and reduction in build costs leads to faster construction and a reduction in survey expenses.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through shorter downtime and repair times due to faster response to network faults.

ConnectMaster offers unified documentation of passive and active telecommunications inventory networks across both inside plant and outside plant.

Both fiber/optical and copper/electrical technologies (inclusive of any materials and or services costs) are supported.

ConnectMaster is a complete all in one solution offering both physical inventory and logical inventory features in a single product.

The transmission logic is built on top of the physical inventory that allows users to understand network topology from the geographical cables, into the fibers, into the transmission technologies, to the provisioned services.

Visualize your network using geographical and schematic views. Different background maps are available including Bing, Google Maps and Open Street Maps.

MS Visio is fully integrated resulting in the easy production of schematics such as splice plans, rack diagrams, network capacity etc.

CMOnline is a web-based ConnectMaster application that supports field engineers, sales or technical project staff with all that they need to successfully fulfil their tasks in the field.

Network data can be captured, verified and digitized on mobile devices.

This module is used for automated FTTH network planning. The entire planning process is automatically managed (using design rules) from rough planning, to the preparation of construction documents and work orders.

A high-level Bill of Materials Report is automatically created.

ConnectMaster offers an automated routing engine to find the optimal network connection route between end devices.

The network fault position is calculated and shown on the map based on the optical cable distance and the affected equipment, services and customers is determined.

This results in increased efficiency in service delivery due to faster turn around times to identify and respond to network faults.

You can create and compare planning versions of your network construction projects. You can and design and control the workflow from a plan to the operational network.

The entire network planning and project approval life cycle is configured and centrally managed

Keep control on project timeline, responsibilities, progress and cost.

ConnectMaster provides tools for project management and Bill of Materials creation. Material and service costs are easily configurable.

Impact Analysis simulates and predicts the impact of unplanned or planned outages of network components.

The simulation of a fault produces reports that indicates which physical or logical services (i.e. which customers) are impacted.

Time-based Impact Analysis ensures that multiple parallel events can be checked if they would lead to an operational problem.