Rapid Network Designer for ConnectMaster

Take the guess work out of FTTx Planning

The FTTx Rapid Network Designer is a rule-based planning module of ConnectMaster that offers fully automated fiber network planning of areas to be supplied with FTTx networks that governs automatic resource allocation. The bases are maps of potential cable routes (e.g. streets) and of course the buildings to be connected. Using several configurable architectural design rules for cluster limits, length limits, duct types, cable types, splitters, ONTs etc. several scenarios of the area development can be generated and compared by technical and commercial key figures.
• Increase efficiency using rule based automatic resource allocation and FTTx network design
• Automatic creation of Bill of Quantity and Bill of Materials Reports for multiple scenarios
• Reduction of project cost by selecting the network scenario with optimized technical and commercial key figures
• Seamless transfer to detail engineering activities
• Support for P2P or PON topologies
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