In Advertising?

Want to improve your client’s experience?

Want to show real campaign value?

Here is how one company in the Out Of Home advertising business does it.

In this highly pressured industry, JC Decaux focuses on three core fundamentals:

1. Optimisation of their internal processes.

To be competitive, operations like Budget Control, DB Management, Intelligence System, Pricing and Asset Development Services have to deliver at the optimum level. In all these and other internal functions “as a media research executive, one must provide advice on all aspects of the business” says Jonathan Matsheketsheke, Data Intelligence Manager at JC Decaux. Location Intelligence and Location Data – particularly Real Time Data – are crucial to add value in all service departments in the company.

2. Thorough client engagement.

Clients want to hear about the relevance of the data underlying their project. They want to be able to relate in simple and visual ways to the presentation of the results and they want to be shown that their campaign had real value. To provide an enhanced customer experience there are many data acquisition tasks that enrich the consequent analysis.

  • Easy access to enriched geo-located site data that informs the choice of advertising board.
  • Appropriate route and drive-time data that can be easily assimilated into a comprehensive web-based view.
  • Easy and rapid production of standards-based visual reporting that is easy for the client to understand.

3. Internal evaluation of the client proposal

Bearing the client objective in mind and mediated by all the current regulations, the delivery of the campaign KPIs is driven by many factors. Traffic flow, brand identity, demographics, targeted audience, content relevance and the use of AI all need to be considered. After delivery of the results, post campaign evaluation is also important.

Spatial Technologies are proud to be associated in so many ways within these processes by providing the software and data tools that enhance JC Decaux’s competitive offering to their clients. If you would like to learn more about this offering, then please contact Tyler Sanderson (Client Solution Architect) on tylers@spatial.co.za or 083 658 5401.