Location Intelligence Online for Telecommunications Webinar

Location Intelligence Online for Telecommunications Webinar

How can you identify and grow your customer base? See how Location Intelligence Online can quickly and easily identify existing and potential Customers located near the planned or existing fiber network for targeted marketing campaigns.

Spatial Technologies proudly hosted a seminar on 10 May 2023, between 10:30AM and 11:30AM, presented by Miguel Marques (Founder and CEO of MapIdea) and Mark Kindler (CTO of Spatial Technologies) in which we showcased the very latest data and software offerings from our partner vendors in the context of Location Intelligence Online in Telecommunications.

During the session, we showcased datasets and use cases such as:

  • Cost-effective centralized demographic analysis for network planning
  • Address Point Data for SA (FTTH Customers)
  • Census2 demographic data for SA (FTTH Customers)
  • BizIndicator dataset for SA (FTTB Customers)
  • Demographics Estimates for African countries
  • And much, much more… all using Location Intelligence Online.

Location Intelligence Online is an easy-to-use web-based SaaS GIS application.

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