Is poor ATM performance crime-related?

ATM Crime

Is poor ATM performance crime-related?

Is crime responsible for the substantial drop-off of performance at some ATMs in densely populated business districts and, as a consequence, should these ATMs be relocated? This is a question with which many data analysts in the financial sector are being faced. The answer lies not only in accurately tracking performance of individual ATMs in the entire network, but also the ability to overlay the number of reported cases of crime incidents that may influence performance. Before undertaking the costly re-location of these ATMs, a better understanding is needed of the potential causes of their sub-par performance.

One of the important contributors to poor performance is the risk of criminal activity in the area of the ATM. Unfortunately, crime data can often be outdated and unreliable, leaving analysts in the dark when it comes to high-risk locations. By equipping our customers with the most recently captured crime statistics provided by SA Crime Indicator, they can determine the level of risk that each ATM and branch location faces. It then becomes far clearer and easier to act. With access to years of historical data available, the picture becomes even clearer.

In the SA Crime Indicator dataset, a choice of over 19 different crime categories, including actual incident counts per police station precinct, enables the analyst to establish which crimes need to be considered when investigating re-location or not. The patterns of increase and decrease in crime are not always as predictable as one might think. Take malicious damage to property as an example – something to which many ATMs across the country are subjected. Whilst we’ve seen a decline over the last decade in the reported number of cases relating to the malicious damage to property in an area such as Brakpan, we see the opposite in the neighbouring precinct of Actonville where the numbers of such reported crimes have increased over the last decade.

Understanding the level and nature of the crime at ATM locations will allow for a choice of actions:

• The appropriate allocation of security personnel to ensure they are safe and not subject to acts of crime.

• Improving the environment and infrastructure in the vicinity of the ATM to avoid the likelihood of muggings or damage to property.

• Re-locating the ATM to a safer environment with lower levels of reported crimes

With the integration of Spatial Technologies’s SA Crime Indicator dataset, you can act to make your customers feel safe when drawing cash. This will contribute to an improvement in the level of customer loyalty and the growth of your business.

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