Identify fiber network faults at the speed of light

Fiber Network Fault Positioning

Identify fiber network faults at the speed of light

What is at fault?

Identifying the precise location of network faults (and which customers or services are affected) is a challenge for telecommunications companies that don’t have a holistic view of their fiber network. Shared network components are weak points and present potential risk in the network because multiple services or circuits are affected in the event of a fault.

Finding fault in finding faults

The way to faster response times to unplanned network faults is having a comprehensive view of the entire network topology with a complete toolset to rapidly identify faulty components, and impacted services and customers.

Fiber Network Fault Positioning at the Speed of Light

ConnectMaster integrates with Fiber Monitoring Systems that provide a permanent OTDR measurement on defined paths through the optical fiber network. This results in near real-time positioning of the fault (using ConnectMaster) leading to a reduction in the recovery time of fiber network incidents.

The OTDR fault locator measures and pinpoints the precise location of a fault on a damaged circuit (or physical path) and the geographical location of the error is displayed on the map. Once the fiber break is located, the system automatically creates a report that can be delivered to the maintenance team who can be quickly mobilized.

The affected network services and customers are identified by using the Impact Analyzer module of ConnectMaster.  It is possible to send an e-mail to affected customers directly from ConnectMaster. Impact Analyzer also identifies affected services and customers in preparation for network upgrades and preventative maintenance.

The Single Point of Failure module analyzes which common network components are shared between two or more logical network services (data transmission) or physical network services (physical path / circuit). This  helps to analyze redundant network paths for customers, and to analyze weak points and / risks analysis to support of the network continuity management process.

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