Finding the optimal fiber path

Finding the optimal fiber path

Network engineers are frequently required to find new fiber paths between two locations in a meshed fiber network. How many free fibers are available in a section? What is the least number new splices that the new route requires? What is the shortest fiber network distance between point A and B? Answering these sorts of questions when identifying a new fiber path can be complicated without a comprehensive, documented and holistic fiber network view.

Having an easy-to-use interface for automatically finding available fiber circuit paths between two locations in an existing cable network ensures that engineers can plan with speed, accuracy and confidence. The automatic calculation of fiber circuit paths requires a well-documented fiber network and needs to consider optimization rules and criteria such as minimizing the number of nodes, finding the shortest fiber path length, and the calculating the least optical loss.

The physical auto-routing feature in ConnectMaster provides an easy-to-use wizard for finding the optimal fiber paths between identified locations. The auto-routing feature offers user-defined optimization rules and algorithms that are based on a variety of criteria such as number of available fibers, node, connection, length and optical loss optimization. Exclusion criteria are also available.

A step-by-step record of the proposed changes is automatically produced when the auto-routing feature is used in conjunction with the Workorder module. The workorder that is produced can be shared with field technicians for fast implementation.

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