Automated FTTH Network Planning and Design

Rapid Network Designer

Manual FTTH Network Planning

Manual FTTH network planning increases the time taken to produce accurate Bill of Quantity (BOQ) reports, in some cases requiring two or more network planners and can take as long as several weeks. Work orders for building instructions and splice plans still need to be manually created after doing the network design which results in further delay and frustration.

Then there is the additional burden of sharing the network designs with the various managers for approval which can create bulky e-mail attachments, increase in e-mail traffic and the chance of missed or mis-sent network designs and slow reporting due to the manual nature of process.

FTTH Network Design Optimization

Automated Network FTTH design evaluates the degree of utilization of routes, cables or available splice capacity of joints as well as free / used cabinet slots which means more cost-effective and efficient planning (with a dig-once approach) due to a central view of the network infrastructure.

This takes the guess work out of planning and optimizes resource efficiency by freeing up network planning engineers to focus on other important tasks – like preventative maintenance.

A centrally managed and configurable network design approval process results in clarity and an overview of all ongoing network projects and changes.

Automated FTTH Network Planning

ConnectMaster Rapid Network Designer offers automated rule-based design and engineering of FTTH networks that manages the initial high-level planning process of a centralized network. The necessary infrastructure components (pipes, shafts, cables, sleeves, etc.) are automatically dimensioned and/or selected based on user- defined business rules. Design outputs includes a GIS view of the design, work orders for the installers (like building instructions and splice plans) as well as Bill of Materials, Bill of Quantities and parts lists that includes the cost specifications.

The ConnectMaster Change Management Planning module enables the ability to plan using multiple scenarios for the same area. This module further offers the ability to build custom workflows including a centrally managed network design approval process.

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