Accurately Forecasting the Commercial Property Landscape

Accurately Forecasting the Commercial Property Landscape

Researchers within the commercial property sector are constantly required, and expected, to provide their clients with an accurate view into the ever-changing commercial landscape of South Africa. This helps guide the decision-making process right from the inception of a new store front through to the successful implementation and operation of a new commercial space. To do this, researchers need access to the right tools and data that can deliver up-to-date analyses on the building development and consumer landscapes of South Africa.

How do you define a successful store’s profile?

Can you gauge the effects of competitor brands and potential symbiotic partnerships?

How does the placement of a new store affect the existing retail network?

SiteMarker Professional is an application deployed by leading commercial property developers in an effort to answer those very questions – with efficiency and confidence. New and existing commercial spaces as well as customer and competitor information, where available, are uploaded into SiteMarker’s gravity modelling capabilities. The purpose of a gravity model is to produce a map estimating the probability that a potential customer residing at a given location within the area of analysis, will frequent a particular store at a particular location, all whilst considering a network of already competing stores.

Competitor reports and travel boundary analyses are created instantaneously in order to further backup and enhance model findings and provide an accountable and reliable report into the most viable locations for a new store according to the targeted market. Annual foot counts across shopping centers as well as anchor tenants can be implemented through the use of our Shopping Center Directory, consumer behaviour patterns and demographic targeting, all statistics to be found within the Census2 and GeoMAPS datasets, alongside Advanced Population movements can all contribute to the decision-making process when brought together by SiteMarker Professional.

As a result of such evaluation, researchers develop a detailed understanding of customer groups and the willingness to travel for certain goods and services; leveraging this knowledge in order to pick better store locations and outsmart competitors. Predicting the potential benefits and impacts of a new store becomes possible. Researchers gain a clearer understanding of the driving forces behind good and bad store performance – enhancing decisions on whether to close, rehabilitate or replicate. Property executives gain the ability to locate successful stores as close together as possible in order to ensure maximum revenues and the best possible brand penetration.

Spatial Technologies has developed the SiteMarker Professional application over the last decade with the aim of creating one of the best site analysis tools available in South Africa. We take great pride in its proven track record of maximizing ROI and providing the foundation upon which many commercial property companies are able to deliver confident and successful guidance to their growing network of customers within the commercial property space.

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