Founded in 1994, Spatial Technologies is the premier supplier of MapInfo Location Intelligence software and Connectmaster Spatial Asset Management software in Africa. We successfully deploy solutions in the Telecommunications, Financial Services, Retail, Insurance, Market Research, Public Sector and other industries throughout the continent.

What is Location Intelligence?

Location Intelligence (LI) grants us the ability to delve into the intricate details of any location on the Earth’s surface.

LI technology harnesses the power of accurate, geospatial data in order to provide valuable insights, trends and patterns based on location data analytics, that were always previously deciphered through spreadsheets and, in some cases, guesswork.

The Power of Location Intelligence:

Location Intelligence equips companies with a virtual map of their business environment, enabling analysts to uncover the past, present and future characteristics of a location that they operate within. This is achieved via the integration, and combination, of data sources such as satellite imagery, survey analysis, IoT devices, and mobility, weaving a complex narrative view into the locations’ administrative, political and commercial profile.

Business Applications:

With LI at our disposal, we become master strategists, guiding daily business decision-making processes with unparalleled precision. Location Intelligence empowers businesses to optimize their supply chains, strategically select new store locations, and navigate the complexities of targeted sales and marketing. LI quickly establishes itself as a guiding compass for businesses, illuminating the most optimal path towards success with accurate and up-to-date findings.

The Importance of Geography:

Location Intelligence acts as a powerful lens, focusing our attention on the geographic context that underlies business success.

It brings depth, context and a true meaning to data, empowering us to unlock hidden relationships and discover new opportunities.

Embrace LI with the Spatial Technologies:

Embrace the power of LI, and embark on a journey with us, where the world becomes your canvas, waiting to be explored and transformed.

Be it any form of business or lifestyle data, desktop or SaaS GIS platforms as well as enterprise solutions, we can tailor an LI service to meet your needs, drive success and increase ROI.

10 Sectors Utilising Location Intelligence:

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